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80s Hair Clips

This is a great deal on 18 vintage barrettes 80s hair clips pins combs, pens, and metalips. Plus, you can buy combs, pens, and metalips all at once!

80s Hair Clip

If you're looking for a hair clip that will make your hair look more maintaining and healthy, then check out the 80s hair clip. This clip is made with a heavy-gauge stainless steel that will keep your hair looking healthy and looking great.

80's Banana Hair Clips

This product is aclaires 3pk neon heart hair clips nwt 80s retro kawaii synthwave. these vintage 80s hair clips are perfect for a special 80's celebration! Plus, you can wear them to work or to a party. They'll make your hair look happy and healthy! this 1985-1988 decade-specific hair clips set has 6 different types of pins and combs to keep your hair looking presentable or hidden. The metal combs and plastics make it feel like your hair is almost like in the 1980s. The combs are good for dry or caught hair, the plastic for wet or oily hair. The pins for dry or catchiness hair, the combs forgiing or heavy hair. the banana hair clip is a clips askew of the 80s style. It is made of metal and plastic and can be tightened to fit any figure. It is an ideal tool for holding buns and holding the hair in place while wearing a ponytail.