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Claw Hair Clips

Looking for a new way to keep your hair looking good? look no further than theseclaw hair clips! These clips are perfect for keeping your hair in place and look great when used with a hair straightener. Us 612 pack women have fun different styles of claws and clips to keep your hair looking good all day long.

Decorative Hair Clips

There are so many ways to add a piece of decorative hair to your look, but two of the best ways are to find some really pretty flowers or leaves and use them as a noggin piece or as a valeant foundation longer. whatever your creative niche, there's a way to achieve a stylish and maintain your hair's makeup without too much effort. Just keep following these tips and you'll be in good shape to rock a hair clip in no time!

Large Hair Clip Claw

This large hair clip has four long, claw-like fingers. It is made of 5-pointed crescent moon material and is approximately 4 inches in diameter. The clip is witches hat-shaped and has a hard-shell material handle. This clip is great for holding on to your hair when outerwear is not available or for holding onto your hair when you go outside in cold weather. these women's small claw hair clips offer a unique look for your hair porterhouse. The clips are made of metal and are expandable witha easy-to-usebuckle clip. These clips come in three colors - black, red, and green - and are perfect for turning your hair into a modern ponytail. Our goody hair clip club has everything you need to keep your hair looking good all while being able to clip it yourself - 3 pcs. Looking for a way to add a touch of elegance to your style? Check out these extra large jaw hair clips. These clips are perfect for wearing on top of your hair or when you want to keep your head of hair looking tidy. Plus, bonus bobby pouches make them perfect for those quick and easy access to your hair's most important parts.